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As part of its comprehensive finance and banking practice, PULLP represents financial institutions in a broad range of litigation matters. Our lawyers represent commercial banks, mortgage companies, credit card companies, consumer loan companies, and other lenders in court and in other dispute resolution forums. We defend them against business and consumer account claims, lender liability claims, breach of privacy claims and an array of statutory claims (including class actions), and assert their rights in such matters as commercial collection and adversary proceedings in bankruptcies. Whether representing financial institutions as plaintiffs or defendants, our goal is to pursue the course that is in our client's best interests. We are vigorous advocates at trial, and yet are frequently able to reach a favorable settlement of issues at early stages. A key value-added aspect of our counsel is that we thoroughly understand the banking industry. Our many collective years of working with financial institutions enable us to effectively understand our clients' businesses and their problems and to present complex, technical financial issues understandably to juries of non-specialists. This institutional knowledge is frequently a major advantage to our clients in what can be emotional disputes in which we assert their rights against borrowers, or defend them against class action claims aimed at securing a settlement from "deep pockets" defendants.

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