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Our litigators are commercial trial lawyers at the core, and are called upon by large national and global companies, and their General Counsel or Chief Litigation Officers to navigate effectively through all sorts of business disputes. PULLP delivers an unmatched ability to field a team of uniquely skilled litigators without the shackles of bureaucracy experienced at much larger firms. While we understand that pursuing a trial or appeal may be the only avenue of recourse in certain matters, our litigators recognize that there are often multiple solutions to any given business controversy. We employ practical and insightful case solutions in addition to progressive billing strategies to achieve our clients' goals. Our clients appreciate that we staff matters leanly, but appropriately. We also pride ourselves in employing the latest technology in evidentiary presentation, electronic discovery, and case management. We typically match our skills in our matters against, or in tandem with, the nation's largest law firms.

PULLP has appeared in state and federal courts around the country. PULLP’s litigation team has been trying cases, representing clients and experts in depositions, and arguing countless motions over the past 25 years. We have also successfully argued appeals in federal and state courts. What sets PULLP’s team apart is its size. As a small, dedicated team, PULLP’s litigation team will learn the details of what our clients hope to achieve, in what time frame and at what expense. PULLP will analyze those goals and strive to find ways to achieve them, presenting alternatives where feasible. Appropriate staffing levels means PULLP litigators understand the business from the perspective of the General Counsel or Chief Litigation Officer. PULLP develops litigation strategy tailored to each matter, utilizing a disciplined approach in implementing that strategy, and modifying as necessary.

Further, PULLP has extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation and arbitration. PULLP would never mediate a case the same way we litigate a case. We have been able to achieve outstanding outcomes in alternative dispute forums because we understand the nuances necessary to prevail in such forums. The overarching objective is always to achieve the best result possible for our client in the most cost-effective manner possible, while taking into account the circumstances unique to that client.

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