PULLP brings more than just intelligence and experience to its cases. We provide cutting-edge, dedicated staffing to go along with very reasonable rates, whether a case is large and complex or a straightforward, relatively small dispute. We approach each matter on a case by case basis, which permits us to make the most advantageous and cost-effective decisions in any situation. We have successfully utilized this approach when presented with cases ranging from tens of thousands to tens of millions of dollars.

Critically, we also understand that each case and client matter has personal significance to the individuals involved, who more often than not are professionals concerned not only with exposure to financial risk, but to their own reputations. Recognizing these understandable concerns, we strive to provide multi-faceted functionality. It is our belief that an accurate initial assessment of the true exposure of each claim presented is fundamental to the development of any realistic case management strategy and, accordingly, we make that a focus of our practice. Once this is accomplished, we endeavor to succinctly implement whatever course of action is agreed upon by the client. We are keenly aware that keeping our clients informed as to case developments is key to finding opportunities to resolve cases at a variety of different stages throughout the litigation process.