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Known as “the microcap litigators,” PULLP has acted as the premiere litigation firm in the microcap space for years. Unlike more traditional, large-cap companies, the legal issues faced by public and private companies, investors and service providers in the microcap space are far more specialized.

PULLP often finds itself representing convertible debt funds and their service providers in SEC Enforcement matters. Then the SEC will subpoena the public companies financed by the fund in question, and all the service providers associated with both. If financing was obtained in part through an investment bank/brokerage firm, FINRA will get involved. PULLP is there at every step, defending the microcap industry.

Of course, most OTC public companies want to uplist to NASDAQ or the NYSE, and the closer to the uplist a company gets, the more civil lawsuits are filed. PULLP has aided a number of companies weather this storm of pre-uplist litigation.

PULLP also has extensive experience in other matters, described on the Our Practice Areas page. Regardless of the type of matter, PULLP approaches each matter on a case by case basis, which permits us to make the most advantageous and cost-effective decisions in any situation. We have successfully utilized this approach when presented with cases ranging from tens of thousands to tens of millions of dollars. Critically, we also understand that each case and client matter has personal significance to the individuals involved, who more often than not are professionals concerned not only with exposure to financial risk, but to their own reputations. We look forward to working with you.

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