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PULLP is known in the U.S. and Canada as a law firm specializing in serving the needs of small cap and micro cap companies. These small businesses face the sudden pressure to operate and report as public companies even though their internal resources are often not quite sufficient to the task.  Our attorneys have particular expertise in the microcap area, and have assisted microcap public companies with tasks as diverse as implementing a basic set of corporate guidelines and procedures to defending federal lawsuits against toxic, predatory lenders seeking to convert on usurious notes.  We partner with our clients to achieve client goals. We find that officers of microcap companies often would like to spend more time running their business and less time dealing with SEC regulations or auditor issues.  We allow a busy CFO or CEO to use their time building a business and making money for investors while we take care of legal, regulatory and compliance matters. Most crucially, we are well attuned to how to manage large legal risks subject to the constraints of a typical microcap company’s limited budget.

Call PULLP at (212) 571-1255 to learn more.

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